DAO Syndrome is the first NFT art house focused on the betterment of the world

Our collections are the collaborative work of activists, artists, charities and funds.
Each collection tells a specific story (e.g. refugee crisis, global warming, social criticism, etc) and sale proceeds will be donated to charities and nonprofit organizations.

We want our members to be proud of the NFTs they own, not only because it is the newest trend, but because it is unique, beautiful and helps those in need.

Collaborate with us

Our guiding trifecta


We want to help

We believe that humans should help each other, that’s why we are teaming with nonprofits & charities, helping them connect to the cryptoverse and raise funds for their causes. All current and future project will have a donation element.


We want to connect

We believe in the power of community, that is why we are building a place where people can come together, join forces and create something with value. DAOS is the very first community driven project aimed at wealth distribution where members can create and decide on future projects and fundraisers.


We want to say something

We believe that art should be expressive and unique, we are focused on art that is innovative, thought provoking and eye opening to humanity’s stories

Holders of Shit NFTs are DAO Syndrome members

  • Help us decide which charities to work with
  • Help us choose the artists we collaborate with
  • Receive free airdrops of future projects
  • Receive early access to upcoming collections

Our Mission

is to build & contribute

How we do it:

• Establishing the DAOS community using Shit NFTs for membership
• Publishing NFT fundraiser collections every other month
• Collaborating with talented and unknown artists
• Creating value to the DAOS members every step of the way
• Becoming the first art/charity DAO





Our first fundraiser!

A collaboration between DAO Syndrome and the amazing people at She's The First, a global nonprofit striving for a world where every girl chooses her own future.

The collection will be a limited series of beautiful and unique NFTs in the theme of women empowerment.

85% of proceeds will be donated to She's the First organization
Be sure to hold a Shit NFT for early access and airdrops

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