Our team of top analysts, veteran curators and outstanding Ai scientists have researched thousands of NFTs in an onerous process to discover the ideal NFT collection.

Art so pure collectors drop their jaws in awe at the sight of it; art so magnificent self-proclaimed connoisseurs, involuntarily throw their wallets at the screen out of sheer shock.

Needless to say, we found it.

Shut up and take my money


Know your shit

  • Maximum supply of 12,345 Shit NFTs
  • Each adorable Shit NFT is built from 8 different layers
  • Over 200 items and 7bil possible combinations
  • $350k will be donated to charities
  • ERC-721 tokens on the ETH network
  • Shit NFTs are tickets to DAO Syndrome membership
    • Get unique airdrops of future NFT projects
    • Receive access to presales of upcoming collections
    • Decide on future projects and collaborations
    • Be part of an exclusive & exceptional community
  • All shits are programmed with unconditional love

New to NFTs? We've got you covered

Noob Area

What is DAO Syndrome (DAOS)?

digital art house social collaboration raiser of funds

Focused on unique art that is innovative, thought provoking and eye opening to humanity's stories. DAOS is the collaborative work of activists, artists, charities and its members.

  • We believe that:
  • Art should be expressive - each DAOS collection tells a story (e.g. gender equality, global warming, social criticism, etc)
  • Crypto can be charitable - all projects will include a donation element (up to 90%)
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Our Mission

is to build & contribute

How we do it:

• Establishing the DAOS community using Shit NFTs for membership
• Publishing NFT fundraisers every other month
• Collaborating with talented and obscure artists
• Creating value to the DAOS members every step of the way
• Becoming the first art/charity DAO





Our first fundraiser!

A collaboration between DAO Syndrome and the amazing people at She's The First, a global nonprofit striving for a world where every girl chooses her own future.

The collection will be a limited series of beautiful and unique NFTs in the theme of women empowerment.

The art

85% of proceeds will be donated to She's the First.
Be sure to hold a Shit NFT for early access and airdrops.

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You beautiful bastard, i'm in